Electric Bicycle Rentals in Nantucket

Cyclists, rejoice. Nantucket has 35 miles of dedicated bicycle paths. Our business partner, Cook’s Cycles Nantucket, can help you enjoy them with an electric bike rental around Nantucket Island. You’ll find Cook’s Cycles next to Affordable Rentals in Downtown Nantucket. Both shops are a quick walk away from the Steamship Ferry Dock and Hy-Line Ferry Terminal. Stop by the shop to see what’s available!

Electric Bicycle Rentals
from Cook’s Cycles Nantucket

Cook’s Cycles updates their fleet every year, so you’ll never get stuck with junk. Their electric bicycle rentals are no exception. If you book an electric bike, it will come fully charged. You’ll also receive a lock, map, and helmet. You can reserve the bike you want and pick it up at the shop, or they’ll deliver it to wherever you’re staying. Their aim is to be the most convenient electric bike company on the island.

For a bike trail map and additional information about cycling on Nantucket, see Nantucket’s official government page. Here’s a list of the paths:

  • Cliff Road Path
  • Eel Point Road Path
  • Fairgrounds Road Bike Path
  • Nobadeer Farm Road Path
  • Madaket Road Path
  • Polpis Road Path
  • Surfside Road Path
Ebike Rental Nantucket

Cycling and
and Cream Ale

Got a packed day? If you bike to the beach during the day and visit Cisco Brewery in the evening, you can participate in their one-way drop-off bike program. Just leave your bikes and helmets at the brewery and ride their shuttle to where you’re staying so you can get there safely. Cook’s will handle the rest. It’s easy and painless.

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Jeep Rentals
and More from Affordable Rentals

If you’d rather drive around Nantucket, check out the vehicles at Affordable Rentals. We offer something for every customer’s needs, including Jeep Wranglers, Trucks, and SUVs for visitors who want an adventure in the sand. We also have electric vehicles, two-seaters, and convertible car rentals for customers who want to ride in style.

Why Choose Us?


Our convenient location is only steps away from the Steamship Ferry Dock and Hy-Line Ferry Terminal.


We’ve been around since 1983 and our family wants you to have a great time on Nantucket.

Affordable Rentals offers Car, Truck, and SUV Rentals on Nantucket Island

We are not a car share or part time auto rental company. We have regular hours, in a real office.


We’re the highest rated car rental company in Nantucket, so you know you’re getting the best.

For more information see our FAQ page.

Reserve an Electric Bike Now in Nantucket

Take it slow and enjoy your electric bike rental from Cook’s Cycles Nantucket. Book online to get yours now. Prefer calling? Reach them at (508) 228-0800. If you need a car for your trip, don’t forget to check out what we have at Affordable Rentals. We serve Nantucket Island, including Downtown Nantucket, Steamship Ferry Dock, Hy-Line Ferry Terminal, Nantucket Memorial Airport, and Great Point Lighthouse.

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