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Climate conscious visitors can reserve a reliable and elegant electric car rental on Nantucket Island from Affordable Rentals. Conveniently located in Downtown Nantucket, we’re only minutes away from the Steamship Ferry Dock and Hy-Line Ferry Terminal. Call (508) 313-9313 or book your electric car rental from us today.

It's Electric

Environmentally conscious vacationers can rest easy knowing that their drive will provide zero emissions. Rent an electric vehicle with Affordable Rentals. Our electric vehicles seat four, are easy to park and maneuver, and have a range of around 200 miles to get you around the island many times over. Our vehicles come fully charged, but don’t despair if your battery runs low. Not only do we provide a charger with your rental, but we’ll let you trade in your nearly empty vehicle for a fully charged one when you give us a day’s notice. We’re the most convenient place for your EV car rental.

Rent an Electric Car on Nantucket Island.

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If you need something more rugged for a trip to Great Point, don’t worry. At Affordable Rentals, we provide vehicles for everyone. Drivers who need something with four-wheel drive can choose between Jeep Wranglers, trucks, or SUVs. We also have two-seaters and convertible car rentals.

Did you know Nantucket Island has 35 miles of biking trails? Our partner, Cook’s Cycles Nantucket, has bikes for every rider. Try an eight-speed cruiser for a casual ride, an electric bike for added power, or a moped for a solo journey to the beach.

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Why Choose Us?


Our convenient location is only steps away from the Steamship Ferry Dock and Hy-Line Ferry Terminal.


We’ve been around since 1983 and our family wants you to have a great time on Nantucket.

Electric Car Rentals on Nantucket Island.

Unlike other rental companies, we’ll give you the vehicle you reserve.


We’re the highest rated car rental company in Nantucket, so you know you’re getting the best.

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Long-Term EV Car Rentals in Nantucket

Book online now or call (508) 313-9313 if you’re looking for an electric car rental from Affordable Rentals. We offer long-term discounts for all of our rentals year-round. If you’re not sure where to go while you’re here, we’ll offer recommendations for all the hottest spots. Affordable Rentals serves Nantucket Island, including Downtown Nantucket, Hy-Line Ferry Terminal, Steamship Ferry Dock, Nantucket Memorial Airport, and Great Point Lighthouse.

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